Tire tread depth gauge

No. Premier No. Remarks
1 TDG01  With convenient pocket clip, and calibrated in 1/32 inches and from 0 to 25 mm 
2 TDG02 Tread depth gauge designed for truck tires, with calibration 0 to 50 mm
3 TDG03 A qualitu accurate tread depth guage designed for truck tires, calibaration in 1/32 inches and 0to 25 mm
4 TDG04 High quality metal gauge with clip. Calibaration in 1/32 inches or 0 to 25 mm
5 TDG05 Tread depth gauge for OTR tires. Calibaration in 1/32 inches and 0 to 152 mm
6 TDG06 High quality tread depth gauge designed for OTR tires, with an amplifier in the middle to read the scale clearly. Calibration in 1/32 inches and 0 to 152 mm